Q: How do I charge the LED harness?

A: The harness comes with a charging cable which allows you to easily charge it. A red indicator light means that the harness is charging, a green indicator light means that the harness is fully charged.

Q:  Can I wash the LED harness?

A:  No, do not wash or wet harness.

Q:  How do I charge harness?

A:  Insert charging cord to the side of the LED button.

Q:  Is charging cable included?

A:  Yes, charging cable is included.

Q:  Can harness be used in sunlight? 

A:  Yes, make sure you don’t keep it in direct sunlight for too long. 

Q:  Is harness adjustable?

A:  Yes, chest area on "The Original Harness" is adjustable, neck and chest area on "Got Your Back Harness" is adjustable.